Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

When I started my practice I was ready for challenges. Over 16 years, most patients have done well. Some were not ready to give up opioid agonists, and some of those people left my practice and in some cases returned when they were fully ready. Some fell by the wayside after relapse to opioids, or more recently, to meth.

Most of my patients know that I almost died 18 months ago.   At this stage of my life I am less interested in the trenches, where patients lose medications, come to appointments late, and seem less interested in a better life.

I AM interested in treating patients who are motivated to create a better life.  Here are things that tell me a person is in that category.  I am looking for people:

  • who are working, or willing to work, fulltime.   If you are the primary caregiver for young children and care for them instead of working, I understand the value of that.
  • who are willing to quit smoking, or at least cut back, in order to pay the bills.   I am very frustrated when a patient cannot pay for an appointment yet pays for a pack of cigarrettes each day.  The cost of seeing me long-term is about $25/week.
  • who will attend appointments on time, arriving at least 5-10 minutes early for every visit.  I start on time.
  • who do not create unnecessary problems in my office, who are kind to staff.    Patients are free to express anger at me, but not anyone else in the office.
  • who are ready to get honest — to be honest with me from the start (or as soon as possible).
  • who are willing to experience life undrugged, un-benzoed, sober.

If you are one of those people and looking for help with an addiction to opioids, feel free to send me an email at

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