Many people addicted to opioids go through a revolving door from treatment to relapse and back to treatment, sometimes with a stop in jail along the way.  Avoiding that cycle requires selection of the appropriate treatment.  Experience has taught me that some people are appropriate candidates for buprenorphine treatment, and some are not.  I strongly encourage people seeking treatment to review my criteria carefully and honestly.  I do not want to waste your money on ineffective treatment.  Below are the criteria for treatment in my program.


  • Must live within 45 miles of Fond du Lac.
  • No addictive use of cocaine or methamphetamine in prior 12 months.  What’s ‘addictive use’?  If you want off opioids so bad that you’ll gladly stop cocaine, then I might be helpful.   But if you’re still playing and not ready to stop, I won’t be of help.
  • No  active use of benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax, Klonopin) unless current prescription.
  • No active alcohol problems.

If you’re a good fit and wish to get opioids out of your life, you can contact me at .  Need more info?  Go to ‘costs/policies’.

I realize that many of the people in the area who use opioids are also using cocaine and other substances.  If your problem is purely with opioids, you will likely do well on buprenorphine.  Things are more complicated with other substances, and I’m happy to give you suggestions about how to move forward.  Send me an email, and  be honest!   Emails go to me, and only to me.  Use a fake gmail account if you’re worried about privacy.  The criteria are in place for YOUR benefit, to avoid wasting your time and money- but I don’t want to close the door if I can help.

Jeffrey Junig MD PhD